Sans serif ingoFonts

Characters with no frills… modest, simple, modern…
the most popular type of the day.

ingoFont Absolut


The modern sans serif — reduced to the essentials: pure type

ingoFont Analogue


A traditional sans serif — functional but friendly, and very classic — also, very legible

ingoFont August Sans

August Sans

A modern sans serif — large x-height, forward moving forms

ingoFont Charpentier Sans

Charpentier Sans

A humanistic sans serif

ingoFont Chiq


A modern sans serif
— very matter-of-fact, reminds you
of Apple’s Mac OS9, only better

ingoFont DeFonte


Variation of ”Helvetica“ according
to the ”blur“ principle

ingoFont Die überschrift

Die überschrift

Sans serif headline font; characters are also available in alternative forms

ingoFont Eco Sans


The most space-saving font

ingoFont Faber Sans

Faber Sans

Easily legible classic-modern sans-serif types; including stylistic alternate

ingoFont Guhly


A very constructive modern sans serif; perfect for display and advertisment

ingoFont Josef


Modern sans serif;
very legible text typeface

ingoFont Josefa Rounded

Josefa Rounded

Modern sans serif
without rough edges

ingoFont Maier's Nr.8

Maier’s Nr. 8

Very geometrical ”font for technicians“
with characteristics of Art Nouveau,
originally from ca. 1900

ingoFont Wendelin


Traditional sans serif — with that certain something; available as ”Pro“ or ”Standard“; easy to read