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August Sans Pro

Sans serif and lively

August Sans Pro now supports Eastern European languages, Greek,
Cyrillic and Vietnamese. Additional features and lively forms
bring a little more vitality into typography…    more

ingofont Josef

Update: more Josef

The modern sans serif has been extended.
Now it contains four more weights plus additional
OpenType features, e.g. small caps…   more

Boule Fonts

Geometric, bold and round

Everything is round about this font.

Geometrically constructed fonts do not necessarily have to be pointed and angular; It also works consistently around.

DeFonte Plus

DeFonte is now DeFonte Plus

More glyphs, more ligatures, Unicode Latin Extended for more language support

The playful, decorative DeFonte finally is developed for all requirements.

BD Lettering script fonts

The Comic-Script by ingoFonts…

…is a computer font, but closely resembles genuine handwriting.

In Belgium and France comics are referred to as ”Bande DesinÉe“, in short ”BÉdÉ“ or even shorter BD.

Absolut Sketch

Absolut Sketch

The ”sloppy“ version of the sans serif Absolut

Sometimes, it may be more suitable to use a font with a less clean effect instead…   more

Éco Sans font family test winner

ÉconoSans — the most space-saving font

This font saves more space
than any of its kind.

In practice, there are always situations in which as much information
as possible has to be positioned in as little space as possible.
The ingoFont ÉconoSans is made for exactly this purpose…   more

Fundstueck font


Inspired by a rusty piece of metal, a coarse but decorative font was created

Fonts can be so simple. And for free!   more

Auxerre Serif font family


A Roman typeface with emphasized triangular serifs

A font like this one could have been designed in 18th century France. Type of Baroque style was already common then and dominated the appearance of printed matter…   more

Conté Script font

Conté Script

Customized handwriting done in pencil

Conté Script is a computer font but has the extraordinary look of handwriting. The model for Conté Script is my personal everyday handwriting written on normal paper using an extra soft-lead pencil. This font is obviously not another ”Schönschrift…“   more

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